Functional Skillsets


Functions are a defined as a service and are not related to an individual. More than one individual may fulfill the function or deliverable. These individuals may have multiple skillsets including the one that is relevant to the service offered. (i.e. not a contractor or consultant)

Operating Model


The Sourcing Approach is critical to any business. Multisource, co-source, outsource or service level agreements will allow our customers to engage high performing providers while still being in control of their ICT environment and strategy.

The professional services model translates to the services that is required by a customer to achieve deliverables. Depending on the contracting model, services can be mixed and matched in line with the customer requirements.

Engagement Models




Different engagement models are available dependent on the customer requirements. Models can be built around a specific requirement or a specific skillset.

Customer Managed


Customer managed means when a customer have control of the device or service and have the relevant access control to the device or service. This includes responsibility and accountability



Co-source is the arrangement when both parties are involved in managing or providing a service. The customer may be managing the service, and the day to day operations is fulfilled as a function by the provider. There may also be a combination of functions that is fulfilled under the supervision of the customers, by both the customer and provider staff.



Out-source is the arrangement where the provider is responsible and accountable for all facets of a division or service. The customer may provide strategic, governance or business direction. Fulfilment is provided by the provider. This may include day to day operations, including budget and technical strategy.

Service Level Agreements


Certain services may require more experience or more advanced skill sets, but is only required at certain times or at a specific arrangement. A minimum fee is charged for availability of a resource and a service or function is delivered.

Certain portions of operations may be required to be fulfilled by the provider and the rest in-house by the customer.

This service differs from Co-sourcing where the responsibility of the overall business deliverable still sits with the customer. Specific functions are the responsibility of the provider.