Data Center Solutions


Our Data Center Service offering comprises of certified tiered Data Center solutions that closely balance facilities, IT Infrastructure, structured cabling and designs.

Our aim is to maximize computing up-time, availability, storage and networking resources while minimizing power consumption within the Data Center environment.


Access Control


Electronic Security Solutions are provided that include Access Control, Video Surveillance and Alarm Systems.

Power / Electricity

We provide electrical planning, design and implementation services. These services and solutions include power distribution in existing or new buildings, campuses and Data Center environments.

The solutions include devices such as UPS’s, Generators and alternative energy sources depending on requirements and regulations.

Our capacity planning service cater for new technologies that is available in the market, considered growth and the minimizing of wasted energy in these environments.

Effective monitoring and management are provided with these Power Solutions

New Generation Data Centers

Due to the ever-evolving world and the technology that goes with it, the data center is the most affected by the pace of the change.

How do we change the data center into agile and dynamic asset, a center where the changes of business demands can be accommodated?

Majestic Data’s looks beyond the boundaries of fixed data centers, computing, storage and the network environment.

We assist our customers to evolve the data center into a cloud environment where security is the key focus on network, systems and data.

Our unique approach ensures that the data center environment is under the control of the customer, the security around it is sound and it complies to law and governance.